CLEAN wins NSW Government contract to test new clean energy supply

Cowra will be at the centre of groundbreaking tests to show how energy can be made and consumed locally in a NSW first.

CLEAN Cowra Inc will receive $32,450 from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment for feasibility study towards establishing a pilot project for an industrial scaled microgrid.

CLEAN Cowra will explore the development of a local ‘Microgrid’ for a group of industrial customers across property boundaries. Microgrids supply electricity to local connected customers, are connected to the broader grid and also can be developed to supply electricity in the event of supply outage. This local Microgrid aims to supply 4 customers, in preparation for the development of Bioenergy electricity generation.

CLEAN Cowra Project Manager Dylan Gower says, “This is the first part of a large scale plan to generate and provide energy locally in regional towns across NSW”.

The broader project will establish how bioenergy as a clean energy source can be utilised and demonstrates how waste inputs from farms, businesses and towns can be converted to generate sustainable energy which would then be supplied to local energy customers.

The North Industrial Precinct where a number of Cowra industries are located will be the premier test site for the project within the State Governments Clean Energy Program and similar sites could eventually be rolled out state-wide.

“This is the first step towards Cowra becoming more self sufficient in energy generation,” says Mr Gower.

“Cowra could become the first community to produce bioenergy locally and a role model for other communities world wide.”

The CLEAN initiative, in collaboration with Cowra Council, local industry, NSW Government and partners drawn from around Australia, will result in new clean energy assets being developed.

Allied Pinnacle Cowra , Chernco, Central Milling and Mulyan are among a number of local businesses who are keen to know more about the project and potentially be part of the pilot.

“Receiving these funds from the NSW Government shows our project is innovative and this feasibility study will generate valuable learnings and will go further to establishing local electricity distribution networks in Cowra,” finished Mr Gower.