As part of the Biomass Resource Mapping, an initial project scoping review, has been completed, undertaken by Mark Glover from EcoWaste, a consultancy company specialising in biomass resources. The mapping indicated the availability of sufficient biomass volumes to initiate the first stage of the project development. This establishes the importance of securing the highest value for the biomass resource.

Broadly there are two types of marketable biomass resource:

1. “Technically contractable”, such as council waste streams, intensive farming, food processors and arborist contracting; and

2. “Merchant sourced”, such as agricultural residue and break cropping.

Biomass in the forms of wet waste and high valued digestate can potentially be processed to produce marketable commodities such as phosphorus and other fertilisers.


This report was funded by Sustainability Advantage with contributions from Cowra Council and C.L.E.A.N. Cowra Inc.