Thinking "Baie" Mass - Sydney, 21 -22nd Nov 2017

The 2017 Bioenergy Australia conference was significant on two levels, acknowledging Steve Schuck’s contribution to the organisation and sector over the past 20 years and new phase and branding of the organisation under new CEO Shahana Mckenzie. CLEAN Cowra wishes to acknowledge Steve’s valuable contribution to the CLEAN Cowra Biomass Project Development, specifically as part of our Industry Reference Panel.

At the conference dinner, there was a tribute to the significant work Steve contributed in growing and shaping the organisation from its inception and raising the industry profile .  Also Science advocate Tim Flannery spoke about the potential contribution of bioenergy in decarbonising growth and development.

Dylan Gower presented the CLEAN Cowra Initiative as part of a compact format to the conference, providing an update to the project development to stakeholders from the technology, research and investment sectors. Outlined was how the project had the potential to deliver base-load, dispatchable power at a local community level but also how this could be replicated and scaled.  Also posed was the scenario for potential emissions abatement opportunity through significant investment in the bioenergy sector and its indicative projections as a percentage make-up of the GHG abatement targets.

There was an opportunity to update the Foresight group, managers of the Australian Bioenergy Fund on the project’s tracking with the identified milestones towards investment ready.

A meeting with the NSW Renewable Energy Advocate office was also held, to discuss potential for inter-departmental engagement and support for the deployment of bioenergy projects.

In summary, outcomes of the conference relate to: 

  • Achieving engagement around policy from both State and Federal governments. 
  • Education reach to the broader population of the bioenergy potential,  in so much as getting the message out there.

In essence, it’s about...

Taking available biomass resource, converting it using proven technology and creating valued products and commodities.

It just makes good sense!

(Baie-  meaning abundant)