Public Meeting: Findings of the Pre- feasibility Study

A public meeting was held to present the findings of the Pre- feasibility Study for the Cowra Biomass Project Development and the launch of the CLEAN Cowra Inc website.

Meeting was attended by project partners OEH Sustainability Advantage and Cowra Council, key stakeholders, and well supported by community members and the media on a brisk winter morning.

The website will provide a useful platform for telling the CLEAN Cowra Story and obtaining further engagement with the project..

CLEAN facilitator Dylan Gower, provided a presentation of the findings, which was an opportunity to outline the investigations which had been undertaken over the past 18 months. The website was used as a template to describe the process. It also describe the next steps the project would take in developing to next level.

Member of the CLEAN Executive, Eugene Marais, provided a report on the funding received for the project and how it had been expended to date. In addition , he presented the findings Analysis of the feasibility Modelling and business case. A summary described the scope of the project for the broader vision for the project development and utilised conservative inputs for figures indicated. 

The summary indicated a reasonable IRR with the base figures utilised. Eugene also raised the issue of sensitivity within the the analysis specifically related to the energy potential from the feedstocks, the value of energy produced and the value of the digestate from the process. 

The presentation was well received, and many positive comments were provided. Both members of Council and Sustainability Advantage's project officer Jo Cooper, indicating that it was a very thorough and detailed presentation. The type of questioning, provided an indication of the level of engagement the stakeholders have with the project. 

The presentation attracted good media coverage and the links have been provided below.


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